We Buy Phones of All Types: A Definitive Walkthrough

October 27, 2017

You might have a couple of unused phones in your drawers, and your parents (or siblings, or grandparents, or some other-labeled relative) might have a few handsets out of use, too, either due to age or damage. If so, chances are you’ve thought quite long and hard enough how to dispose of these tech things in a productive manner.

Then, you might have thought of donating it to some charity or selling your gadgets online or in pop-up kiosks. You might have even thought of selling your device to us.

We won’t scrutinize the benefits of buy-back programs, particularly to the environment, as it’s another read on its own, but rather we’ll walk you through the phones we buy and the conditions we accept.

We buy phones of different OSes and brands

Right now, Swift Tech only buys Apple iPhones and iPads, and a slew of Android brands such as Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Huawei, and Motorola (now under the Lenovo banner). These are all phones sold globally and are branded with a considerable presence in the saturated smartphone market.

For the meantime, Swift Tech prioritizes models that are the last few iterations of the current, as phones rarely hold their prices for long this time. However, if you’re still keen to sell your phone online or otherwise through our channels, we can assist you through personal communication.


Sell your cracked, broken, or damaged iPhones (and other phones) to us

We also buy phones that span the entire spectrum of conditions: excellent, used, poor, and damaged.

“Excellent” phones are those that feel like fresh-out-of-the-box and are usually so. These are without blemish and are still intact. If the phone you’d like to sell has a few dings and scratches but is otherwise blazing, it can be classified as “used,” and they can still fetch high prices. On the other hand, phones in “poor” condition usually still function but are damaged beyond cracked screens. Some have missing or non-functional buttons. Lastly, the phone is tagged “damaged” if it is ruined by water, does not power on, and is essentially “bricked.”

It’s important that you know the exact condition of your phone before selling it or asking for a quote so that you know how much to expect when it arrives.


There you have it—a walkthrough to the brands, models, and conditions of phones you may sell to us. If you have a few, head straight to the site and make money out of these unused gadgets.

About the writer. Ahmed Bagoun is a phone enthusiast and a self-admitted Apple fanboy. He has been in the phone business for 6+ years. He’s currently the owner of Jad wireless phone repair shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the phone trade-in website Swift Tech Buy.

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