How You Save Mother Earth When You Sell Your Broken iPhone

October 27, 2017

With the steady production of handsets every quarter, the Earth is facing another risk called e-waste. It is the term used to refer to end-of-life gadgets and tech accessories which people throw in trash bins haphazardly. Luckily, the moment you sell your broken iPhone or other gadgets, you’re helping alleviate this problem.

The ecological risk posed by technology

There’s so much to love about tech and its growth over the past years. It enabled us to try new medical solutions (like, uh, peeling off and re-stitching a grape? But seriously, this can help with complicated surgery; but I digress.), store an amazing volume of information ready at the touch of our fingertips, and improve communication methods. But alongside this growth in tech are waste materials composed of malfunctioning or damaged parts and even entire products such as smartphones.

In the US alone, e-waste accounts for a meager 2% of all landfill trash, but it already presents deeper problems such as chemical leakage to land and water that flows to our homes. Thankfully, there are little ways that we can do to help—and one of these is to pass forward or sell your damaged iPhone.

How getting cash from phone benefits the environment

Instead of ending up in landfills, old devices—iPhones included—may take a second shot at life when sold. Some companies like Apple buy their own for store credits. Those that are still in excellent working condition are re-housed in new screens and chassis and then release them as “refurbished devices.” Others offer hard cash that you can use in other stores. (For what it’s worth, we buy phones at great deals and for real cash, too.) Either way, you’re keeping things in check when you sell your broken iPhone:


1. You minimize the risk of having contaminated landfills. Just like stated above, heavy and toxic metals such as lead and antimony can pose threats to the environments and to health as they leak in liquid form called “leachate.” It’s important to note that e-waste already accounts for 70% of overall toxic waste in the country. Selling damaged devices to buyers and companies who mind the environment helps in curbing contamination.

2. You allow for more sustainable production. Phone electronics contain precious metals such as gold and silver. It is estimated that Americans dump these metals of over $60 million when throwing away electronic items. Companies who offer buy-back features salvage these parts to be reused or recycled.


The e-waste problem we have right now is an avoidable one, and while we might have fallen short on foresight in the beginning due to the excitement the tech industry brings, we still can work hand-in-hand to prevent our tech trash from harming us. If you have an unused or broken device, it’s best to sell your damaged iPhone or other handsets to help the environment—plus you’ll get paid for it. If you’re considering selling at the moment, we have awesome deals for you in three easy steps.

About the writer. Ahmed Bagoun is a phone enthusiast and a self-admitted Apple fanboy. He has been in the phone business for 6+ years. He’s currently the owner of Jad wireless phone repair shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the phone trade-in website Swift Tech Buy.

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