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Select "Sell your device" at Swift Tech Buy and follow the sequence of steps. If you do not see your device on our site then, unfortunately, we no longer purchase it.f you don't see your device or device condition please call us and we might still purchase it. Otherwise, there are older models we no longer purchase and your device might be one of those.


Ship for Free

Proceed to the checkout and enter your information. This part is important so we get the mailer to the right address and more importantly, we know who to issue the payment to. This is the information we will use to pay you.


Get Paid fast

Once you get our mailer, package up your devices, place the return label on and drop it in your mailbox or at the post office. Once we receive your package our technicians will verify the device and your payment will be issued. If for any reason your device does not fit our mailer, you may use the label on another box that is suitable.


We issue payments the same day we receive the device. Get a direct deposit payment in your account in as little as 3 days.


On average, we pay 10% to 15% more than our competitiors. Start today to get the best deal for your phone.


We buy devices in any condition. Cracked screen glass or broken buttons? No problem at all!

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