Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy gives you a deep understanding of how we collect, use, transfer, share, store, and protect your personal information. It also gives you insights on how you can connect with us and learn which personal information we hold about you so that you can help us correct any inaccuracies or request us to stop using it.

Once you start using this website, it will be assumed that you have read this privacy policy. Therefore, read every word and make sure you accept its terms.


Outlined below is a summary of the major terms contained in this privacy policy:

This website is strictly subject to this privacy policy. Therefore, in case you don’t agree to the terms, do not proceed to use it.

* We shall collect various forms of personal information when you use this website such as your name and email address

* We may also collect other personal information when you use this website

* Essentially, we shall use your personal information to:

* Tell you about special offers and other products we deal with

* Conduct research and improve our services

* Complete an order you place through our site

* We will share your personal information with our partners and mobile recyclers, but we shall do this while strictly following the law.

* If you need to know about your personal information, reach us at any time through our email (

The information we collect

Basically, we collect information that you provide when you use our services. We may also automatically collect information that is relayed to us by applications and devices that you access our services with.

Also, we might collect your data from third-party sources, which we use to serve our legit interests, but we shall do so by complying with legal obligations and seek your consent.

Information that we may collect from you include;

* Contact information including your name, email address, phone number, and home address

* Demographic information including your gender, age, product preferences, and other interests

* Online purchase information including mode of payment you prefer, credit card information, and any other details about your transaction.

Information that we may collect automatically include;

* Your geographical location including date and time, longitude, and latitude

* Analytics, cookies and other related technology

* Log files including browser type, ISP, IP address, operating system, and timestamp data

* How long you use your mobile device to access apps and the internet

* How we use your information

We use the information we collect about you for legitimate interests including;

* Processing all transactions that you request

* Customizing our services and ensuring they meet your unique needs

* Complying with legal requirements

* Understanding how you use pour services

* Meeting our contractual obligations

* Getting insights on the user patterns of our diverse services

* Enhancing the security and safety of our services

* Ensuring protection against fraud, harassment, intellectual property infringement, crime, spam, and other security risks

* Researching how to improve our services and grow our business

* Who we share your information with

We share your information with our partners who include;

o Mobile recyclers

o Email communication service providers

o Customer service providers

o Web hosting company

o Service analysis and improvement companies

How we store your information safely

Keeping your information safe and secure is our number one priority. When we receive your information, we use advanced security measures to ensure it’s protected. Our site uses a secure protocol (https://) and is secured by RapidSSL which guarantees that the information between your browser to our website is encrypted.

Our network is protected by a modern firewall technology which helps us to securely encrypt your bank details and securely store your personal information.

We also restrict the number of our staff who can access your information and secure all our backup systems so that your information is not deleted or lost in any way. Those staff members who have access to your details are trained on the importance of keeping clients’ information secure; thus you can rest assured that your details are in safe hands.

In instances where we have given you, or you have created a password so that you can access certain services within our website, you are responsible for keeping the password personal and confidential. We strongly advise you to create a strong password and not to share it with anyone at any given time.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that any information sent via the internet is not secure. Even though we shall do whatever we can to make sure that your details are protected, we cannot guarantee 100% security. That said, send your information to our website at your own risk.

How you can change preferences

Our team will send you marketing and promotional communication if you agree to it. Nonetheless, you can ask us to stop whenever you deem fit.

You can follow the unsubscribe link, and you will be automatically unsubscribed from receiving further communication. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team for additional help.

How to get your information corrected

If you notice that the information we are using is inaccurate, you can contact us through email or post, and we shall correct it as soon as we can.

In case you want us to stop using your personal information, contact us in writing through email or post, and explain to us why you don’t want us to continue using the information and outline the steps you want us to make. We shall respond to your request appropriately.

Please note that restricting us from using your personal information may hinder us from providing you with particular services. For example, we cannot recycle your phone without your personal information.

How to find out the information we hold

Since you own the rights to the information we have, you are obliged to have a copy through what we call subject access request.

If you wish to make this request, contact us in writing through post or email. You must provide us with your name, contact details, and address so that we can process your request.

In case we hold information about you, we shall;

* Give you its full description and the legal basis in which we hold it

* Explain to you how we use it and who we can share it with

* Tell you how long we can keep it, and what you can do to ask us to stop using it

* Ensure you have an electronic copy of the same

Changes to this privacy policy

Please note that we make changes to this policy from time to time. Therefore, we suggest that you review it regularly and every time you provide us with your information. Any changes made in the future will be communicated to you through this page and posted elsewhere on this website if appropriate.

How to make a complaint

If you have any comments or questions about this policy, write to us through our email (, and our data protection team will get back to you in no time.

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