The iPhone X Is (Almost) Upon Us; Sell Your iPhone 7 Online to Upgrade

October 27, 2017

Who doesn’t want to own a flagship? We mean not just any phone fetching up to $600 and above, but the fastest of them all? It’s Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone “Ten”), which was featured here shortly after its unveiling last September.

It boasts a near bezel-less display with a cutout on top for the front camera and a host of sensors that work together seamlessly to provide 3D face mapping called Face ID that replaces the fingerprint-based Touch ID. Its A11 Bionic processor isn’t marketspeak; it’s really organically fast and strong, and it blows all other Android competitors out of the water. It’s OLED display is at par with similar screens right now. The iPhone X is, basically, your smartphone dream come true.

Now, it’s fair and true that your one-year-old iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is still blazingly fast and delivers more than what it needs to perform. But if you’re looking forward to always be abreast with the trend, you may want to sell your iPhone 7 online to get some cash for the hefty upgrade. You can also sell your damaged iPhone for some bucks, so it’s still a win-win situation.


Sell your iPhone 7 online with Swift Tech Buy

If you’re thinking of how to dispose of your older damaged iPhone or how to gain hard cash for your next upgrade, there’s no better way than to sell your iPhone online to us. It’s a hassle-free way to get cash fast. We buy phones from all over the country via mailer, and we assure you of transactions in three easy steps.

Selling your damaged iPhone to us is easy:

1. Go to our website and select the model and condition of the phone you wish to sell online. After this, you’ll immediately get a quote. For what it’s worth, we buy phones in excellent condition, such as the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for a couple of hundred bucks. Also, you can sell your broken iPhones to us.

2. Check-out online. It’s a matter of your convenience, and we want things to be easy for you. We will send you a mailer where you package the phone and everything else. Once sent, our technicians will work their inspection magic.

3. Get paid through PayPal.



Why sell your iPhone 7 online to us

We value your security and trust very much, which is why we take businesses very seriously. Aside from offering competitive prices for your phones (even when, say, you sell your broken iPhone), Swift Tech Buy also covers a great deal of phone models and conditions. You’re also sure that you’re talking to a real person, not to somebody who tries to rip you off.


Now, if you’re whole heart is set on getting that very limited iPhone X when shipment starts, sell your iPhone 7 online to Swift Tech Buy now to get cash you can use for the upgrade quick.

About the writer. Ahmed Bagoun is a phone enthusiast and a self-admitted Apple fanboy. He has been in the phone business for 6+ years. He’s currently the owner of Jad wireless phone repair shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the phone trade-in website Swift Tech Buy.

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