How to Sell Your Old iPhone and Upgrade to the New iPhone XS Max

October 5, 2018

When new phones come onto the market, consumers around the world get the itch to upgrade. When Apple announced a new series of iPhones last month, it no doubt inspired many people to look into upgrade possibilities.

Wondering how to upgrade your iPhone? There are several different ways to approach upgrading, and a lot of it depends on your cellular provider. Here’s a look at how to upgrade your iPhone, depending on your unique situation.

Upgrading Through AT&T

AT&T actually makes it really easy to learn about your upgrade status. Simply call *639#, and you’ll be sent a link that walks you through the upgrade process. Alternatively, you can always log into MyAT&T and check your upgrade eligibility there. Of course, walk into any AT&T store, and a rep can walk you through the upgrade process, too.

Upgrading Through Sprint

Sprint uses a special upgrade eligibility portal that lets you quickly and easily get information on whether or not you qualify. Much like with AT&T, you can also walk into any Sprint store location and talk to someone face-to-face about whether or not you’re eligible for an upgrade.

Upgrading Through Verizon

If you’re a Verizon customer, try texting #874, which may help you get information on upgrade eligibility. If that doesn’t work for your plan, visit Verizon’s online upgrade center, which walks you through the eligibility process.

Upgrading Through T-Mobile

With T-Mobile, there’s no way to text or call for information. Instead, log in to your online account, and look for the “upgrade” button. That should lead to more information about where you stand in the upgrade process and whether or not you’re eligible.

Upgrading Through Apple

You don’t always have to use your cellular provider to check on upgrades. Instead, visit Apple’s own upgrade webpage, where you’ll need to log in using your Apple ID. Follow the process, and you’ll know in short order whether or not you are eligible for an upgrade.

What Should You Do After Your Upgrade?

There’s really only one thing to do after you upgrade your cell phone: Make sure you get paid for your old device. At Swift Tech Buy, we offer cash for old smartphones. So, when you’re ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest from Apple, follow this simple process — and get paid for your old phone.

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