How Long Does a Phone Battery Last — And How to Make it Last Longer

October 17, 2018

Battery life is one of the great challenges of owning a smartphone. As the phone gets older, it seems like the battery gets you through a smaller and smaller portion of the day. Then, after a year or two, a phone’s battery seems to go kaput altogether.

Here’s the question, though: How long should a phone battery last? That is, how many years can you reasonably expect to get out of one battery?

And then another question: Are there ways to make a phone battery last longer?

Here are answers to both questions as you look to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery.

The Average Lifespan of a Phone Battery

How many years can you reasonably expect to get out of a battery? That really depends on you and how you use your smartphone. Phone batteries are designed to last a certain number of charges — typically 400 to 500.

The more you plug in your phone to charge it, the shorter your battery’s lifespan is going to be. So, the more you use your phone, the more you’ll need to charge your phone. And, the more you charge your phone, the shorter your battery’s lifespan.

If you’re more interested in the length of time your phone’s battery should last, expect anywhere between 18 months and 3 years.

If you’re a heavy user who is always charging your phone’s battery (and then draining it by streaming video or playing games), expect the shorter end of the spectrum — closer to 18 months.

But, if you’re a light user who needs to charge your phone just once daily (or less), expect the longer end of the spectrum — closer to 3 years.

Tips for Lengthening Your Battery’s Lifespan

Your battery’s lifespan is a direct result of how you treat your phone. Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to ensure your battery reaches its peak lifespan:

  • Condition a New Battery: When you first buy a new phone or a new battery, condition the battery by letting it fully discharge and then fully recharging it about three or four times.
  • Let Your Battery Run Low (Without Running Out): After you’ve conditioned your battery, try letting it run low whenever possible — but without letting it fully discharge. Full discharges can place undue strain on the battery.
  • Recharge Frequently: As a rule of thumb, it’s better to do several shorter and more frequent charges than one long, full charge.
  • Don’t Overcharge: After your phone is fully charged, don’t let it linger on the charger. Charging beyond the point of need can damage the battery.
  • Keep Your Phone Cool: Heat can suck the life out of a battery. Avoid leaving your phone out in the sun or in a hot car for long periods of time.

A New Device Can Be a Better Choice Than a New Battery

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