Common Phone Damages You Need to Know Before You Sell Your iPhone 7 Online

October 27, 2017

We know how much you loved your phone, which may have lasted anywhere from a few months to a couple of years, and we feel your pain when you find even a teensy bit of damage in your device. If you’ve decided to sell your iPhone 7 online, you’re in luck: we buy phones with some damage!

Still, “damage” isn’t a charismatic term in the world of smartphones where the battle is always about who got it away with near-null bezels or who managed the most perks in the thinnest shell. In truth, the current trend of replacing aluminum with glass isn’t a great idea—there’s little to no structural support and glass is easy to break. But things don’t end there. Here are the common damages your phone might suffer from—and you need to know this before you sell that iPhone 7 online!

1. Dings, chips, and dents

This is the most trivial of all the damages: the occasional dent, chip, or ding in the chassis of the phone. It’s a minor most of us, if not all, have had in our past phones. It’s totally fine, and we buy phones with this, so chill out.

How to sell via Swift Tech: Unless the scuffle is near-microscopic, you should select “Used.”

 2. Broken screen

This is the usual damage you’ll bump into (pardon my pun). From hairline threads to spider webs that mar the glorious Retina display, chipped or broken display screens don’t usually hinder normal phone operations but can hamper the user experience. The good thing is that you can still sell your iPhone 7 online with screen damage!

How to sell via Swift Tech: Choose from “Used” to “Damaged.”

 3. Missing buttons

Here’s a fun fact: a lot of people, particularly in Asia and Latin America, use Assistive Touch, an accessibility feature that allows you to use an on-screen home button-esque element. The reason? Many fear that the buttons will break, costing them a hand in the already arm-and-leg iPhone price. It’s a fear that’s one-half unfounded—but only one-half, as buttons can and may be lost or stop working in the long run. If you feel that your buttons, particularly your home button, is wearing out, try turning on this feature.

How to sell via Swift Tech: Choose from “Poor” to “Damaged”.

4. Water damage

Phones usually come with water resistance ratings nowadays, just like the iPhone 7 and its brother the 7 Plus. Still, you can’t say that a phone—an electronic device that’s inherently against all manners of fluid—can take a dive. You will still thank yourself for that waterproof Otterbox case you bought.

How to sell via Swift Tech: Choose from “Used” to “Damaged.”


6. OS and program-related errors

Oh, look—it’s your unlucky day! Some phones, even iPhones, are just lemons, which means that they aren’t that well-made compared to others. It’s a manufacturing stuff and nothing personal from Apple. On the other hand, a lot of errors are fixable. You just need that extra ounce of patience.

How to sell via Swift Tech: Choose “Damaged.”


If you’ve noticed, we buy devices even if there are a few glitches on the way—and for real, hard cash at that. If you’re looking forward to selling your iPhone 7, whether it’s got damage or not, look no further and we’ll help you turn your pre-loved gadget to money in your pocket.

About the writer. Ahmed Bagoun is a phone enthusiast and a self-admitted Apple fanboy. He has been in the phone business for 6+ years. He’s currently the owner of Jad wireless phone repair shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the phone trade-in website Swift Tech Buy.

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